Eliminate target acquisition guesswork with PinSense and Surge technologies. PinSense easily distinguishes the pin from background information and automatically filters out obstructions. This essentially eliminates the possibility of inaccurate readings due to non-intended targets. By providing you with a visual target lock-on, PinSense takes the guesswork out of ranging. 

Once the lock and distance have been acquired, Surge automatically activates, initiating a haptic response in the form of a vibration. Together, these features provide visible, physical, and audible feedback so you can be confident in your ranging.


Our background in the industry led us to create the first ever SmartSwitch, an all-in-one user interface developed to easily engage slope mode, adjust display brightness, and change the unit of measure. 

The all-in-one user interface utilizes a hall-effect sensor designed to measure the magnitude of a magnetic field. And because mechanical switches can fail over time and are prone to water intrusion, the magnetic SmartSwitch is designed to prevent mechanical switch failures and water intrusion. The benefit to you is there is no more fumbling around with complicated or time-consuming menu navigation.

SmartSwitch features:

  1. Illumination Dial: adjust display brightness to your desire. 
  2. Yard/Meters Button: easily change unit of measure by pressing the center of the dial
  3. Slope Lever: easily turn Slope functionality ON or OFF
  4. Illuminated Slope Indicator: external indicator for Slope. If on, a red LED will be illuminated


Ergonomically-friendly features allow you to spend more time focusing on the game. The Illumination Dial allows you to quickly increase or decrease the display brightness to match variable lighting conditions. Within the dial, a Yard/Meters Button lets you set your preferred unit of measure. The textured rubberized golf grip and Fire Button ensures the rangefinder sits securely and comfortably in the hand. Similarly, the rubber-padded adjustable eyecup extends that comfort from your hand to your eye, allowing for a customized fit based on your facial structure.


We pride ourselves with having some of the best light transmission, brightest image display quality, and highest resolution optics in the industry. With a light transmission of 80%, we offer the brightest rangefinder in the industry at 6.7% over the leading competitor. Our fully adjustable diopter allows for precise focus specific to your eye. Paired with our adjustable eyecups, all Cobalt rangefinders can be tailor fit to your unique facial structures. Internally, our competitors use inferior materials that may perform inconsistently due to prism and laser diode shifts, which degrades accuracy and overall performance. 

Our rangefinders determine distance based on short pulses of light. Using a precise, crystal-controlled time base, our units measure the time it takes the laser pulse to travel to the target and back; by factoring in the constant speed of light, the distance can quickly and efficiently be determined. In short, by measuring the flight duration of infrared light, an extremely accurate distance can be calculated.

Solid objects reflect a certain percentage of light. With our system, only a small percentage of reflected, emitted infrared light back to the unit is needed for our detectors to capture it. What does that mean to you? Measurements can be calculated quickly and efficiently from a variety of objects, ultimately allowing you more time spent playing the game.


Our Slope calculation is more accurate compared to our competitors. Our digital accelerometer/inclinometer is calibrated to a high degree of tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees with an angle range of -30° to +30°, a full 50% more accurate and range angle as compared to the leading competition. What does this mean for you? A truer angle reading equals a more accurate slope number, and thus more accurate ranging so you can be confident when choosing the correct club for the job.


Because we know it can be frustrating viewing the display in variable lighting conditions, we designed a multi-stage brightness level display. At 9 settings, the Cobalt Brilliant Projection Display sets the new standard among rangefinders - so much so that we got a patent on it.


Rain doesn’t keep you off the course, and likewise, rain doesn’t keep a Cobalt rangefinder hidden away and out of the elements. We designed our units around a magnesium chassis and encased in aluminum housing. This gives an IPX7 waterproofness certification allowing our units to withstand submergence in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.


With minimum and maximum ranging capabilities of 5-2500 yards, acquiring distances to that flag, bunker, or edge of the sand trap can be made with ease. That’s 92% more ranging capability and 20% more distance to the pin as compared to the leading competition. And with repeatable, half-yard accuracy, you can be confident in your distance estimations. 


The average golfer uses their rangefinder approximately 20-40 times per round depending on the course. With all the potential wear and tear a rangefinder can experience with this type of heavy use, durability is an important consideration. Because we designed the Q Series around an extremely durable magnesium chassis and aluminum housing, we circumvent any potential issues commonly associated with extensive rangefinder use. 


Battery life is dependent on a number of variables, including how long the button is pressed, brightness of display, temperature, etc. and can vary greatly between users and usage situations. Q Series rangefinders are rated at approximately 2000 range cycles (actuations) per CR2 battery. 


Not too much, not too little - the 7x magnification is the perfect visual boost to enhance your view of the course. By effectively enhancing your eyesight by 7 times you can avoid hazards, identify terrain pitfalls, and explore remedies to those tricky doglegs.