We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and marketing consumer laser rangefinders for over 25 years…it’s what we do. We’ve pioneered the technology trusted by tour players across the globe, and now we’re establishing a new approach to the golfing rangefinder industry by creating a new standard with a new brand - Cobalt Golf.
We are a direct-to-consumer golf brand focused on developing premium laser rangefinders to golfers who demand the best out of their gear. We take pride in producing highly accurate, durable, easy to use products, and delivering high performance optical quality at a better price. By focusing on the fundamentals, we pair functional design with innovative technology and top of the line components to produce the very best products. Our desire is to share these products with golfers who want the best technology and features without the traditional brick and mortar retail price. In short,  that means we aren't beholden to retailers for producing a lesser performing product to meet their price point stipulations. Because of this, you can be assured that you are getting the best product at the best price.

Cobalt’s affiliate program allows approved users to earn commissions on sales of Cobalt products driven from affiliate driven click-throughs.