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Q-6 Series Bundles

Includes: Q-6 Series Rangefinder, Vice Pro Balls, Towel, and a Yeti Rambler 18oz Bottle.



Eliminate target acquisition guesswork with PinSense and Surge technologies. PinSense easily distinguishes the pin from background objects, automatically filtering out obstructions, eliminating false readings, and providing you with a visual target lock-on. Once the lock and distance have been acquired, Surge automatically activates, initiating a haptic response in the form of a vibration. Together, these features provide visible, physical, and audible feedback so you can be confident in your ranging.


Cobalt rangefinders are equipped with ergonomically-friendly features so you spend more time on your game, rather than behind your rangefinder. The Illumination Dial allows you to quickly increase or decrease the display brightness to match variable lighting conditions. Within the dial, a Yard/Meters Button lets you set your preferred units of measurement. The textured, rubberized grip and Fire Button ensure that the rangefinder will sit comfortably in your hand. Similarly, the rubber-padded, adjustable eyecup extends that comfort from your hand to your eye, allowing for a customized fit based on your facial structure.


The Cobalt Q-6 Slope features an integrated digital accelerometer/inclinometer to precisely measure angles with a high degree of accuracy. Measuring with an exactness of +/- 0.5 degrees, Cobalt rangefinders yield a refined calculation that takes elevation variation into account to increase your ranging confidence and ultimately your shot placement. The Q-6 Slope also features the SmartSwitch - an integrated switch that allows you to easily toggle Slope Mode on and off. That means no more fumbling around with complicated or time-consuming menu navigation when you need turn off Slope Mode for regulation play. In short, SmartSwitch conveniently allows you to maintain use of precise slope-compensation calculations during normal play, and allows you to easily disengage Slope Mode to conform to USGA tournament regulations.


Because a rangefinder is only as good as its optics and its technology, we only use the best glass available. This includes fully, multi-coated lenses, an integrated Brilliant Projection Display, and a fully adjustable diopter, features only found in high performance rangefinders. And because of these features we pride ourselves with having some of the best light transmission, brightest image display, and highest resolution optics in the industry.