Own Distance. Own the Game.

Introducing Q Series Rangefinders from Cobalt

Designed around world-class technology and paired with premium optics, Cobalt rangefinders deliver a tack sharp image, on-demand functionality, and a high degree of ranging confidence to guarantee your yardage is true.

Featuring PinSense and Surge technologies, easily distinguish the pin from background objects, filter out obstructions, eliminate false readings, and remove acquisition guesswork. For Q-6 Slope models, Slope with Smart Switch maintains use of precise slope calculations during normal play and easily disengages Slope Mode to meet USGA tournament regulations.

With the integrated Brilliant Projection Display, the Q-6 Series boasts exceptional acquisition speed, repeatable accuracy, and features the brightest image and highest resolution optics in the industry. 

And no matter which model you select, all Cobalt rangefinders are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Cobalt Q-6 Series Rangefinders: own distance, own the game